Case Study


"Baykiv" is a hotel and a restaurant in Ternopil, Ukraine.

They wanted to present their business offer and its advantages in a visually compelling way.

Also, "Baykiv" wanted to solidify their online presence to add to their already popular social media channels.


Our main goals were the following:

  • Develop a user-friendly website that would work well across all major browsers and devices
  • Showcase the main advantages of their business to the public to help distinguish from the competition
  • Do the on-page SEO optimizations to help rank the website high in Google search engine

Our Work

Our main job was to help "Baykiv" showcase their services in the best possible way and to encourage people to take action.

This was accomplished using the following:

  • Having a brand positioning statement in the second section right below the fold
  • Presenting the 3 main facilities that "Baykiv" offers (Hotel, Restaurant, and Sauna) on the home page
  • Showcasing the main advantages that are offered to the clients: professionalism, warm atmosphere and of course the amazingly tasty meals from their chef
  • Informing people about "Baykiv's" special loyalty program
  • Letting people know how to find and contact "Baykiv" and their open hours  

Final Result

Website URL:

During last 3 months (18.12.2018 - 19.03.2019), the website has received 7.2k impressions and 1.15k clicks to the website on relevant keywords:

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