What Makes a Perfect Landing Page?

Are you looking to create a perfect landing page but don't know how? 

In this article I am going to share with you 5 pillars to make your landing pages convert. 

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is essentially a one-page website that is designed to get leads and sales.

It is a very powerful marketing piece that companies use to get people to opt in after they've clicked on an ad.

Landing pages are used in all kinds of scenarios.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Webinar registration
  • Free e-book or video course opt-in
  • Event registration
  • Selling a product or service

Essentially, the main goal is to get leads or sales.

So now that we know what lading pages are used for, let's take a look at what makes a perfect landing page.

1. Make an Amazing Offer

As we already know, the main point of a landing page is get leads or sales.

And in order to maximize your conversion, you need to come up with an amazing, irresistible offer.

Don't offer a 10% discount for a product that costs $50. It's not going to work that well.

Instead, come up with something much more powerful. 

Something, that appeals to the ego of your buyer. 

Take a look at the example below from Wordstream

This page offers a great knowledge product for someone who is doing Google Ads and is interested in optimizing them.

Wordstream - Perfect Landing Page Example

2. Hook People With a Story

"Facts Tell, Stories Sell". 

That's a very profound quote that we can all learn from.

People like buying from people, especially ones that they can relate to.

This is why storytelling is such a powerful marketing tool.

It hooks people, it gives them something they can relate to.

Here is a great example of a landing page from Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez Lading Page Example

"HOW I WENT FROM BROKE TO BUYING A LAMBORGHINI" is very compelling to those that want to earn a lot of money and live a great life.

And Tai is using himself as an example that people can relate to. 

He's also using video that tells his story to hook people in.

3. Have One Clear Call To Action

This one is pretty straightforward, yet you don't want to neglect it.

Just as your ads must have one objective, so should your landing pages.

You don't want to give people too many options because they will not take action.

One action is usually what you want to have.

Sometimes you might have 2 calls to action - a primary and a secondary one, but that's not very common.

Your call to action has to have a verb telling people what to do. 

As you probably know, calls to action usually come in a form of buttons, forms and headlines.

The landing page from the previous example is a perfect one.

The button says "CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT" which is exactly how you need to write your CTAs.

4. Add Social Proof

When buying something, people want to eliminate their risks and make sure they'll get the results.

Social proof is a great way to overcome those objections.

It can be in a form of testimonials, video testimonials and case studies.

Show, don't tell.

Let your results speak for themselves.

On one of his landing pages, Dan Lok used to have over video 100 testimonials.

Just imagine how powerful and persuasive that is.

Another great example is a page my mHelpDesk that you can see below.

mHelpdesk Landing Page - Video Testimonials

5. Keep It Simple

And last but not least - keep your landing pages simple.

You don't need fancy animations and graphic designs.

You perfect landing page has to be simple, readable.

It has to show the benefits that user will get by accepting your offer.

Have a strong offer, clear benefits, good social proof or a strong guarantee, and one call to action.

This is all you need to make a highly converting landing page. 

6. BONUS TIP: Always Keep Testing

There is one more bonus tip that I wanted to give you.

This is something that all top marketers do - testing.

Even if you think that your landing page is amazing and you've followed all the rules above - you just never know how your users will respond.

That's why testing is such an important thing.

Try changing your offer a bit, page layout or call to action and see how it performs.

Track your results and see which version performed better - a new one or an older one.

This is how you can keep optimizing and improving your results.


Making a perfect landing page is not that difficult - but it takes some time to master this craft.

Using all the principles above you should be good to go.

And remember - always keep testing and improving.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

If you need help building your landing page - feel free to contact us.

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