Custom Web Development Services
Custom Web Development Services
Get a custom website developed that will you excel in your business
  • Solve business problems
  • Connect with your customers
  • Increase your revenue

Do you need custom web development services to solve your business problems?

So you have a business problem in mind that you need to get solved.

Maybe it's building a new custom website, an app or a plugin.

Whatever it is, there are many things to consider before you invest your money.

Here are some of the most common ones

  • Can my problem actually be solved?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Will it be worth it?

And then you start realizing that...

There are many risks involved with custom web development services

Agencies don't deliver on their promises...

Miss your deadlines...

Blow up the budgets...

And many more.

Here is why it usually happens...

  • Unreasonable expectations. Companies tend to set high expectations and not deliver. 
  • Billing by the hour. A LOT of service providers bill by the hour. So it doesn't make sense for them to do the job faster. Which is insane. And you end up paying for that.
  • Missing deadlines. Important deadlines. Your deadlines that can cost you a LOT.

  • And in the end, you've spent 3X on the project instead of X that you were promised and it took 6 months longer to get it done.

But what if...

There was a better way to do custom web development?

Wouldn't it be great if

  • You knew the cost upfront and you didn't have to go over your budget?
  • Your new custom website or plugin could actually solve your business problems instead of causing new ones?
  • You didn't miss important deadlines?

Meet PROGMATIQ - a web development company from Poland that provides custom web development services

While most agencies "specialize" in almost every possible technology and aspect of digital marketing and web development, we don't.

There are only a few things that we're good at.

One of them is custom website development services.

Andriy Haydash is the man behind the scenes.

Andriy Haydash

We like solving real business problems with our programming superpowers.

The clients that we work with are primarily service-oriented businesses that have a clear goal in mind and know how we can potentially help them.

How are we different?

There are a few things that differentiate us.

And it's not just our coding skills, it's more about communication and our approach

  • We only work with people we're 100% sure we can help. If we're not sure we can deliver - we won't take your project and risk your time and money.
  • We focus on your business goals and how we can help you achieve them. If there is a way that we can save you some money or time and it will benefit the project - we will do it even if it means that we will earn less.
  • We treat our clients as partners. This way our objectives are aligned and we can come up with ideas and consult you on the best solutions that we know to achieve your goals.

Our custom web development services are not for everyone


  • For people that are committed. You have to be willing to put in the work together with us to get your project done.
  • For those who have a clear vision in mind. We won't take your project if you have no idea what business objective you're trying to achieve.
  • For serious people who are prepared to make time and money investments that are required for the project.


  • Deal chasers. We understand that a budget is an important factor in every project. However, if you're just looking for the cheapest price possible and that's your only concern - we are not a good fit.
  • Idea chasers. If you think that when we build you this website or app you will miraculously become a millionaire overnight - it won't happen.
  • People that are too busy. If you can't invest your time to work with us on your project - we can't help you.

Our process that we use for our custom we development services.

Step 01

Our process starts with a discovery call during which we ask questions to get a clear understanding of your project. 

Step 02

Then we create an actionable plan that serves as a roadmap to a successful project.

Step 03

With a plan that we've created, we go ahead and start programming and working on your project.

During this stage, we usually have regular calls to keep the client posted and ask questions.

Step 04

After everything has been built and tested - we launch the project.

Take a look at our recent custom web development projects

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What do clients say

"Andriy has done a fantastic job on a particularly painful job which involved a lot of work. He's really honest, goes the extra mile to propose helpful solutions, extremely responsive and always came to the rescue when I managed to ruin something. He has delivered a great product and I really enjoyed working with him. Cannot recommend him enough!"

Gina Farran

"Andriy was an absolute pleasure to work with. Any problem that arose, he had a solution for and was very good at communicating them to me in a non-techy way. Very solid 5 stars."

Aaron Prothero

"Andriy was a fantastic developer. He was very responsive and accommodating to our every request. He was able to give his opinion on critical functionality and was always able to execute and adjust within a quick time frame. Really enjoyed my experience and will definitely use this service again for my future projects."

Jason Howanec

"Andriy is lovely to work with. He is able to understand the requirements and if needs to clarify, does so timeously. I would recommend working with him."

Shana Derman

"Andriy was a fantastic developer to work with. His communication with the client made working with him a great experience. Highly recommend Andriy. Thanks for all your work on the website!"

Ben Robison

"Super fantastic guy. Excellent customer service. High level attention to requirement and detail. Thank so much you Andriy."

Elisha Kolade

PROGMATIQ is rated 5 / 5 average from 10 reviews on Clutch, Goodfirms & DesignRush

Frequently asked questions about our custom web development services

What do you charge for custom web development services?

Every project is different so we can't give you an exact price.

Here are some rough estimates so that you know what you can expect.

A small project that requires 2-3 days of work might cost around $1000.

Larger projects that take 1-2 weeks to build can cost $3000+.

Even bigger projects will cost more.

Do you help with bug fixes as well?

We do occasionally.

However, it all depends on the nature of the project.

If you need to only change color and font on your website - we're not a good fit.

If you have a complex problem that we can solve for you - we can talk and see if there is a good fit.

Do you offer maintenance and support?

Yes, we do offer maintenance and support as a part of our custom web development services.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 100% upfront investment for most of the smaller projects.

When it comes to larger projects, we usually like to split them into multiple parts and you can pay for each part separately before we start working on it.

What if my vision has changed?

If that happens, which is uncommon, we can always re-estimate the project and work from there.

Who is on your team?

For the majority of the projects, PROGMATIQ works as a one-man company run by Andriy Haydash.

That's one of the reasons why we primarily work with small or medium size projects that usually don't last more than 6 months.

However, there are some projects that might require more labor or are more urgent.

In those cases, we usually bring in one or 2 more developers and assemble a small team.

Where are you located?

PROGMATIQ is a web development company in Rzeszów, Poland.

How can I get started with my project?

To contact us simply use the application form on our website or send us an email to

Are you ready to start your project?